City Gallery Gdansk

City Gallery Gdansk
Gdansk, Poland

City Gallery Gdansk


The Gdansk City Gallery (GGM) identifies with all aspects the City of Gdańsk connotes, most of all the intricate history, multinational community, the sea and the port, the shipyard symbolizing both the past industrial power and the contemporary history of Poland associated with the fall of communism and regaining freedom and democracy. GGM puts special emphasis on international collaboration, bearing in mind local artists and themes. It initiated a series of exhibitions called “Dialogues” which is a platform for cultural exchange and cooperation, presenting the artworks of Gdańsk-based and foreign artists, at times based on artistic residencies. Engaged in many artistic and curatorial collaborations, and being a partner in the EU flagship art and culture project Art Line, the Gallery disposes of interesting and valuable inventory of artistic and cultural partners.

Role in the project

Valuing international partnership aiming at exchange of knowledge and good practice, as well as enabling artistic and cultural cooperation among both artists and researchers, GGM will be pleased to support the proposed project within an estimated time of its involved staff. Moreover, the Gallery’s contribution to the research and network resulting from our participation in the project will also encompass facilitating the access to the Gallery’s exhibition and workshop spaces for the sake of organizing and participating in the Steering Group meeting and workshop in Gdańsk, Gallery’s archives (including projects and case studies), Gallery’s residency studio for the needs of artists and curators exchange or research, resulting in an exhibition directly connected with the idea of the project.

Implementing sub-projects

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