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Kristianstad University
Kristianstad, Sweden

Kristianstad University


At Kristianstad University the informatics group has founded the “Collaborative Media Lab” including participants with a background in academia, design and in art. The aim of the lab is to work with design of new technology and its application with a user-centered perspective in both real, virtual and mixed media settings. Having worked with participatory design and 3D/virtual realities in several design/research project, we have seen the strength of collaborative design tools that allow newcomers to design and work with 3D. They were able to engage in designing in relation to rather complex scenarios and spaces, and in that way explore the design challenges that are offered in a particular context.

Role in the project

This will include the complete design process with all different phases from conception, implementation and validation: development and dissemination of IT tools for participative democracy in culture and art; knowledge transfer for new, almost endless possibilities what these IT tools offers for mass participation of different groups of the society (culture experts, artists, general public etc.) in shaping community-friendly and sustainable living environment. This process will be based on a dedicated user-centred design process that was already successfully applied in a number of previous projects. During the course of the project we will contribute to design, test and research activities in the concrete context of an actual artistic production.

Implementing sub-projects

The Journey to Abadyl