M2C Institute

M2C Institute
Bremen, Germany

M2C Institute


The M2C Institute is an interdisciplinary non-profit research institute in the area between media technology and culture. It is an “An-Institut der Hochschule Bremen”, an official associated institute at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen regulated through the Bremen Hochschulgesetz (BremHG). It is an independent legal body. The M2C works predominantly international. Key activities of the M2C Institute are:

– eCulture and digital art
– Human interaction, participation and labour studies
– eCitizenship and partizipative media systems.
– Analysis and evaluation of user behavior.
– eEntertainment and mobile games.
– Media for museums and cultural institutions.
– Cross-cultural virtual team development and training
– Neuro-emotional organizational development in innovation
– Creative Industries and Cultural Institutions support and consultancy.

Role in the project

he M2C organizes the overall evaluation of “The People’s Smart Sculpture” and guides the sub-evaluations of the individual projects in order to join them in the form of a best practise study. The M2C surveys the overall publications of the various sub-projects and organizes the dissemination of the collaboratively achieved results for EU conferences, symposia, workshops and events. Furthermore, the M2C delivers conceptual and technological support to all partners. The M2C supports the Lead Partner in project management, publications, P.R. and all social media activities for the overall project. The M2C works out the conceptual parts of the Bremen participation projects and is part of there implementation.

Implementing sub-projects

The Public Space as SHARED.museum