Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships
Zagreb, Croatia

Museum of Broken Relationships


The MoBR’s mission is to collect, safeguard and showcase personal emotional heritage. Along the permanent display in Zagreb, it has been organizing travelling exhibitions across the world in collaboration with local cultural institutions. The most important aspect of its activity is participation and interactivity of the audience. People can contribute an object and write an accompanying story which simultaneously allows them to be museum visitors and its creators. While later gives way to individual expression, both in psychological and democratic terms, former enables mutual sharing and understanding. The universally recognizable theme, the unlimited participation in terms of target groups and the subtlety of its interpretation are the reasons for eluding Museum’s categorization. The unbounded storytelling has significantly broadened the initial concept of love break-ups to various emotional ties that people part with thus expanding the possibilities for developing the concept.

Role in the project

The main advantages of MoBR are experience with public participation, the attention and recognition gained both from local community and international audience and the power of its concept for conveying the symbolism of changes. The Museum is based in a city abundant with cultural, historical and political marks reflected in everyday life of local community. Common people can differently witness the changes occurred as well as they can differently perform the changes that are yet to be introduced. The MoBR’s role will be to enable an artistic intervention in public space in cooperation or even guidance by local people. Different stages of the project (lectures, workshops and public events/performances) will be carried out virtually, physically and in situ (museum space and open air) in collaboration with international artists.

Implementing sub-projects

Zagreb Upper Town: Change of Heart