Warehouse 9

Warehouse 9
Copenhagen, Denmark

Warehouse 9


Founded in April 2007, Warehouse9 is an international performance space and art gallery in the old slaughter district in Central Copenhagen. Pramnet is the legal name of Warehouse9. It is a space for contemporary art, music, poetry, performance and media arts practice. Warehouse9 aims to break established boundaries between the genres in music, theatre, art, film and new media to create new links between genres and disciplines. The inclusion of diverse people, the development of new audiances for innovative and cross-disciplines art activities is one of our strength. Warehouse9 is presenting a monthly performance program, international festivals and a also hosting artistic research and development projects and residencies.

Role in the project

Warehouse 9 is a venue for practicing artists and has a broad audience within different genres. Warehouse 9 is a fully quipped performance venue and will host workshops for artistic development and research in a professional arts context. The venue is situated in central Copenhagen and will be a platform for presenting work in progress to invited audiences and finished pieces to the general public. This can both happen in the gallery /performance space, but also site specific in the City of Copenhagen. We will also host debates and seminars on the topic of interaction and development of narrative spaces. The results from the presentations will be documented and made available to the PS2 project partners.

Implementing sub-projects

 The Journey to Abadyl