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Young Expressions (Unge Urbane Uttrykk)

Young Expressions (Unge Urbane Uttrykk)

Designing innovative participatory and collaborative spaces that enhance awareness and mobilize to engagement amongst Urban European youth is a challenge. The Young Expressions subproject aims to explore opportunities for co-creation and collaboration through series of small projects that facilitate increased engagement and participation in civic, leisure and cultural activities among urban youth and children in Oslo, Norway. The project also carefully considres the role of digital and material artefacts in  motivating, engaging and mobilizing collaboration with urban youth in participatory culture processes. Over the three year period, the explorations have three different themes. The current topic has to do with sustainable design and sharing economies.

Over time, the Young Expressions project  builds a shared image of the collective city space,  highlighting Oslo’s diverse multi-cultural present and the potential for a smart-connected city future that includes youth and children as active participants. The small projects implemented, provide a platform for further discussion around participation in art, culture and civic matters.

Implemented by


  • HiOA (Oslo and Akershus University College),
  • AHO (Oslo School of Deisgn and Architecture)
  • Miljøagentene
  • Aftenposten Youth
  • Intermedia

Duration: 2015-2017
Number of artists/creatives involved: 95
Ends with a moving exhibition in cultural centers and online


Diverse tool for participation that the subproject used in the past: installation EcoAgents, Re-brand it app on youth identity through clothing, installation HearSay on machine participation in everyday life of humans, and LittleBits as a tool used in pop-up maker spaces for children and creatives.



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