The People's Smart Sculpture

Express your-self/city

Express your-self/city

Virtual urban art invites all citizens to participate in attending, responding and modifying 3D sculptures, linked to real spaces. These may be art works, fictional buildings, provoking sculptures or informative objects. Participants use their tablet device to create an augmented reality view and do modify 3D objects proposed by others. This fosters a creative process to develop virtualized objects by and for the community of interested citizens, creative industries and artists. The aim is to create an augmented reality view containing an image of action on and beside urban areas and places and in change. Their usage in past and present will be compared, the change of a place in different decades as well as to create fictional views of future use of the space, future architecture for creative processes and art works.

HSB provides server capabilities and support. The project addresses and profits from the fast growing percentage of people already make use of pads, tablets and smart phones, and invites all citizens to participate in attending, responding and modifying these sculptures, at the real spaces in the city of Bremen. Web and social media are used to communicate progress during the duration of the implementation process (new proposals, upload of best of’s, etc.). Users are able to upload 2D and 3D proposals to modify (others’) proposals and to vote for them (by comparison). The input is curated by local and European artists from the project partners countries while an overall curator coordinates the creative and technical activities and people ́s access and collaborative processes between citizens and artists. Local cultural projects and neighborhood organizations about urban re-design will be integrated. The Bremen based “ZZZ – ZwischenZeitZentrale” a public project that cares about vacant buildings and fallow areas in order to establish temporary use by artists and creatives as an innovative tool for urban development will be integrated into the project for to work with the artists and creatives on ideas and the design for a future permanent use of vacant buildings for artists, culture and creativity. The koopstadt – a governmental project for urban development in Bremen, Leipzig and Nürnberg will be integrated for to exchange the results of our experimental project with policy and administration. The relevant outdoor areas will be defined by the citizens and the curator.

Implemented by:


  • ZZZ – ZwischenZeitZentrale
  • AAA – Autonomes Architektur Atelier
  • Gesamtschule Bremen Mitte (GSM)
  • Mobile Game Lab, Bremen
  • Sportgarten e.V.
  • Fab Lab Bremen
  • Platform REMEMBERTI
  • Gotham Innovation Greenhouse, New York
  • New York University (NYU)
  • University of Liverpool
  • Smart Cities Mediterranean Partnership (SMART-MED)
  • Klub Dialog e.V.
  • Senator for Environment, Construction and Transport in Bremen
  • Europapunkt Bremen
  • North-West German Museum for Industry and Culture (Nordwolle), Delmenhorst
  • Urban Dialogues, Berlin

Duration: 2015-2017
Number of artists/creatives involved: 40
Ends with a virtual exhibition presented in the real space of the ZwischenZeitZentrale


Public Urban Lab Bremen, 20 to 25 June 2016. Open forum for discussion, art, participation, re-design, workshops, tool-testing at the Bremen main station. 28 events and over 300 active participants.



  • Re-Design and design of Betaville Clients (Mobile and Online)
  • Public Urban Lab implementation
  • Workshop series in Bremen
  • Integration of artists, creatives, scientists from all over Europe
  • Integration of 16 associated partners

(c) 2015 Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences