Children Museum Oslo

Children Museum Oslo
Oslo, Norvay

Children Museum Oslo


Foundation Oslo Children’s Museum (OCM) develops and offers activities that stimulate children’s development, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence and thirst for learning. OCM honors hands-on play both as a foundation for learning and as a seed for innovation. Since 2007, OCM has partnered with University of Oslo’s Institute for Informatics to bring together technology interaction design students with young children in co-creation scenarios which have yielded exciting prototypes for engaging and innovative activities. OCM cooperates also with schools, preschools and other cultural institutions and is working to transform these experiences into a living lab environment that will be a platform for children to develop their ideas into cultural, educational and family-friendly solutions for Oslo‘s future. The PS2 project provides a valuable opportunity to develop and showcase the potential that lies in including children in smart city planning.

Role in the project

OCM will partner with University of Oslo’s Institute for Informatics to coordinate and leverage the participation of children in the project and to help guide the design and development of the sub-project. OCM will engage actively in all phases of the project and provide a platform for information and events to promote the project and maximize its engagement and impact.

Implementing sub-projects

Children ́s City Tapestry