Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has a most diverse School of Culture and Creative studies in Finland. It’s evident in surrounding services which offer a great variety of creative solutions and experiences. Our Faculty is the largest multi-disciplinary technical Faculty in Finland. The School of ICT trains engineers and highly qualified specialists in the ICT field for expert positions servicing our global information society. We work on several levels on cultural digital systems and digital media for cultural heritage. In this project we fully utilize our strength of cooperation between different fields of study, culture and working life. We have a long experience in developing methods based on applied arts, community theatre, applied music education, social media, mobile technology and cultural production.

Role in the project

Metropolia University will collaborate nationally with Museum of Technology and Neighborhood Association in Arabianranta district in Helsinki. From the degree programs in arts management, performing arts, music education, film/TV and media technology there will be lecturers and students participating in the workshops. Art based methods will work as a tool for promoting communal spirit between residents and as a driving force for a unique city life based on the original elements of the district. Arts and technology based solutions provide fascinating possibilities to build bridges between the museum content and the local environment. Metropolia will organize workshops together with Museum of Technology and distribute the results on websites, radio programs, TV and newspapers. Metropolia will be in charge of management, implementations and documentation of the national workshops.

Implementing sub-projects

 The Neighborhood Living Room