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University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway

University of Oslo


The University of Oslo was founded in 1811 as the first in Norway. Today, it is the country’s largest public institution for research and higher education. The University of Oslo is also home to the Viking Ship Museum, the Historical Museum and the Natural History Museum, a Main Library and a wide range of associated units and centres. The proposed project is based at the Institute of Informatics, first place which provided teaching in computer science in Norway. The department today has a large selection of programs and studies in all the discipline areas. The area for this project is Interaction Design, within the program Informatics: Design, Use, Participation and Interaction.  The proposed project bridges sciences and culture. The group is oriented toward social interactions and is interdisciplinary, thus adequate for proposed design research and artistic implementation.

Role in the project

University of Oslo (UiO), Institute for Informatics (IFI) will partner with Oslo Children’s Museum to coordinate and leverage the participation of youth and children in the project The People City Sculpture and to help guide the design and development of the sub-project. UiO will engage actively in all phases of the research and development around interactive technologies needed to support the project, as well as in the actual design and implementation. UiO, through IFI,  has long and well working cooperation with Oslo Children’s Museum(OCM). The project would enable both partners to acheive larger impact and visibility within cultural sphere in Norway.

Implementing sub-project

Young Expressions (Unge Urbane Uttrykk)