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Move into the open space

Move into the open space

The project starts with an experimental “art as research” activity through experimental photo-artists from France, Germany, Italy and Poland who will create artistic expressions of relevant industrial areas in change in Poland, including the Gdansk old shipyard. The projects intends to emphasize the need to involve the people of Gdansk into further planning processes and to create new concepts for the urban cultural use of the shipyard based not only on a single group’s ideas and expectations but on the diverse input of communities, artists, activists, academics, urban designers, architects and policy makers. We use art, applied art and diverse sorts of cultural expressions to include people with different backgrounds into a consecutive process of art that can open new dimensions for the public reflection of our urban environments design.

The first photo-art of the “art as research” activity will be exhibited in the GGM. In an appendant participation meeting (workshop-series), other artists, creatives and citizens will work out ideas, how these places, represented in the artworks could be re-designed and used as creative art spaces. The creative workshop under the lead of artists results in cultural expressions and art works that are represented in combination of the photo artworks in the Gallery. In a second step, artists, creatives and citizens will be invited to visit the places of origin used in David Lynch ́s atmospheric photo series of the Gdansk Shipyard for to create alternative proposal and creative expressions like photos, videos, stories and sounds about a possible future life in the old industrial areal. We will explores the remembering, archiving, and recreating of dreams, both artist’s own ones and people’s ones, ranging from texts and interactive forms, public actions, installations, publishing and performances, to the artistic climax of showing them. The strategy behind the project is based on the consideration of the social role of art and the responsibility of the artist. We will work with an open and globally accessible online archive, which is updated through over social media. It will create a social sculpture and constitutes an artistic vision of the domain of social consciousness. In the appendant participation workshop series with European artists and creatives, the last step will be prepared: the participative and collaborative creation of public installations that represent the best ideas for the re-design and re- use of the industrial areas. These ideas will be transferred into art installations on old long boats (Barken) on the waterside in Gdansk. People ́s reactions will get collected in open blogs.

Implemented by


  • Gdansk City Hall
  • Razem Pamoja Foundation
  • Inicjatywa Miasto
  • one Foundation
  • Arts Promotion Centre Finland
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation
  • North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund
  • The Arts Council of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu
  • Arts Council of Uusimaa
  • Central State Administrative Office for State Property Management (DUDDI)

Duration: 2015-2017
Number of artists/creatives involved: 39
Ends with exhibitions in the City Gallery, public spaces and social media.


As a part of the 8th edition of the ‘Grassomania’ Festival we once again enter the public space and encourage you to take part in the programme prepared at an unusual venue which will soon become a home for the collection of works of two exceptional residents of Gdańsk – Günter Grass and admired by him Daniel Chodowiecki.


  • reached to new focus groups,
  • built bonds with local citizens,
  • more entries in our website and social media channels

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