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The Journey to Abadyl

The Journey to Abadyl

We work in our sub-project on digital narrative space, co-creation and audience participation. During the three years we will arrange a series of public art events and workshops. We call the events “The journey to Abadyl” and it will take place mainly at WH9 partly at HRK. A main objective of the sub-project is to engage practicing artists and local communities to participate in artistic development inspired from and situated in the old historical area which used to function as a cattle marked, slaughter houses and food processing. This is the ideal location to develop and present new artistic projects within the framework of PS2. WH9 has broad and varied audiences and collaborates with artists who work interdisciplinary across genres such as dance, performance, theater, new media, visual arts, poetry, music, street art etc.

The sub-project events will be arranged as a series of artwork working sessions for invited artists and digital professionals with participatory public events. We will create a “Smart sculpture” as an interactive experience in which participants are faced with different dilemmas staged and presented by a guide. A kind of computer game in spatial format. This mixed reality space contains digital film footage, sound, physical objects, augmented reality, computer games and hidden messages that are all part of a story waiting to be discovered. The interactive experience are based upon “The Anatomy of Choice” – strategies and scenarios that are structured as a matrix in which the participants are exposed to distinct choices that include both moral, ethical, and physical dilemmas and challenges. Depending on how the guide and participants choose to explore the room and answer the challenges, the story will evolve differently at every performance. Where the audience are confronted with the media worlds changing representation of man and his reality. As artists and designers in particular we have the culture and nurturing to explore, create, and tell stories about possible worlds. The project will be carried out as a collaboration with our European project partners and artist from different countries and art networks. The goal of the project is to create a larger, durable artistic production called “The journey to Abadyl”. Therfor sub-project will create a participative theatrical piece. Our working title for it is “CubeX”. It can be seen from multiple viewpoints; the ”cube” as a form is almost perfect, strictly regulated. The ”cube” is also closely associated with the throwing of a dice, an old game gadget, a random choice generator. The X-factor stands for the unknown, for the search of a logic, or an order. Or an X at the election poll. The audience is invited to a remarkable and dynamic media theatre, where they are confronted with the erratic postmodern representation of our everyday reality. A world where an offer you can’t refuse is proposed every second and “free will” is regulated by the market.

In our workshops we will discuss and present ideas for script and drama development, for game patterns and mechanics for workable models on play design, and methods of public and participatory interaction and co-creation. Our sub-project should be seen as a synergy of the expressions of the theatre, the exhibition, the role-play and the amusement park, using dynamic new media, a non-linear dramaturgy and theories from computer games, working with notions as “story world” rather than “script” and “game play” rather than “drama”. The task is to establish a contract of fiction with the audience, based on a variety of representations, illusions and meta levels, and to create an environment, which is believable. The result will be events, which each takes place over a full day, engaging its public in a structured game, using social media in before, and the new media in all their possibilities of creating illusions and presenting the results of intricate algorithms in a few seconds, and so able to engage the public in an interaction, which inside the structured frame will define the outcome of the game. It takes place in larger venues for an audience of 100-200 persons, adults, youths and children above 10, together with their parents.

Implemented by Kristianstad University and Warehouse9

Duration: 2014-2017
Number of artists/creatives involved: 75
Ends with exhibitions, theater perfomances and virtual games presented at WH9

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