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Trails of Memory…

Trails of Memory…

In the densely populated area of Düsseldorf at the River Ruhr, there is a high demand to strengthen the urban space with artistic strategies. The places of the different projects of the HSD are to be defined with participants, e.g. in districts with a history in coal mining. The sub-project exists in three steps and will collaborate with the municipality of Düsseldorf as a third party partner. European artists from all partners will be invited.

Trails of Memory (TOM)

At favorite urban places equipped with a dedicated memory station, people can leave their personal memories using their mobile devices. At the stationary devices, memories are recorded using audio (speech messages, music), images (photos, graphics), video clips or text messages and stories, respectively. Based on the collected material and the conducted research, a virtual (website, GIS-map) and a material exhibition at a public place will be developed. Memory chunks can be tagged by the author and annotated by others including a voting scheme. This will allow filtering and combining memories according to a selected person, a given topic or a dedicated location resulting in trails of memories that can retrieved by other users.

Making Things Tell (MTT)

In ”Making Things Tell” authors, story tellers, artists / actors and media experts create interactive smart objects that tell stories from their lives. Imagine, if plush toys could tell their experience of being a “reliable companion” for childs from different generations of a family, two wedding rings remember good and bad times from the different perspectives of their owners or a digital camera connects selected images taken and stored in its memory to tell an exciting story. In several workshops artists and technical experts create such objects that are able to tell their stories during an interactive performance using advanced digital media technology. Multiple objects are combined into a comprehensive story frame that can be explored by the audience during an interactive play.

Interactive Mixed Reality Storytelling (IMRS)

Interactive Mixed Reality Storytelling allows to combine traditional storytelling and theater performances with computer game elements and interactive, non-linear story lines. Using low-cost digital media devices (e.g. head connected smart phones, mobile augmented reality) that act as magic lenses / windows into virtuality, artificial characters and real actors can interact together and users can view the play from different perspectives and optionally influence the story line by selected interaction techniques. Throughout a series of workshops media experts and artist create an interactive play that allows the audience to connect to a local server with their smartphones and look at augmented scenes (e. g. real actors together with virtual characters), select individual views (e. g. hear/see what a selected actor thinks) or vote what actions an actor or virtual character should do next.

Implemented by


  • Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf,
  • Tanzhaus NRW
  • NRW Forum Düsseldorf
  • LAVAlabs
  • tenagels Medientechnik
  • K21 museum
  • artist Gunnar Friel
  • artist Cho Ka Fai
  • artist and choreographer Katja Heitmann
  • Xenorama art collective

Duration: 2015-2017
Number of artists/creatives involved: 84
Ends with digital games and real exhibitions in public space


We started to create an interactive virtual reality tour to experience the InOrbit installation of Tomaś Saraceno in the K21 museum based on an innovative multimodal user interface. As this art piece is no longer available to the public we work on a virtual user experience.



  • motion-based interactive media installations
  • virtual reality art
  • participative user experience

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